BREAKING NEWS: Since the time we drafted this email alert days ago, Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson announced that Nebraska along with 9 other states would be joining in the lawsuit (with the original 11 states) to push back on President Obama’s insane mandate to allow boys to use girl’s showers, locker rooms and bathrooms in public schools across the country or lose their education funding.  Sadly, Florida is not one of the now 20 states joining the lawsuit as Governor Rick Scott continues to show no leadership on this common sense issue which opinion polls show 2/3’s of people do not agree with.  (The nine new states include Arkansas, Kansas, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wyoming who joined Nebraska in the lawsuit.)
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Dear Friend,
President Obama’s most recent mandate directing public schools to allow biological boys full access to girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, and showers – or the school will lose their public funding – is pure madness.

Yes, you read correctly.  Public schools across America are being given “guidance” to knowingly put millions of children’s safety, privacy and dignity at risk – OR LOSE THEIR FUNDING in order for President Obama to advance his gay/transgender agenda.

And as a father of two young daughters, I am LIVID!  You may be too.

To help us fight this mandate here in Florida, please consider giving a sacrificial gift to FFPC today.

Here is my response to President Obama’s mandate:

1)      This is EXTORTION.  It is your and my tax dollars at work funding public education.  That funding does not belong to President Obama or any government administration to use as they see fit to advance their extreme (and in this case dangerous) social agenda!  To threaten the loss of public funding to schools if they don’t comply with this dangerous edict is nothing more than extortion and blackmail.  And it is appalling.

2)      This is an ARROGANT BRAZEN ABUSE OF POWER.  Never in the history of our country have we even had a serious public or national debate to discuss the dangers of this being imposed upon our school children – and suddenly it’s a government mandate with a threat to lose federal funding if compliance does not follow?  Do you know why there has never been a serious discussion?  Because the White House KNEW that you, and I, and other Americans would not stand for it.  So, he did an end run around congress and spoke directly to the local public school districts, and said, (and I’m paraphrasing), ‘Operate by my agenda or pay the consequences and lose your funding!’  Outrageous!

3)      This is CHILD ABUSE.  If an adult man or a young boy, were to expose a girl to pornography or nude pictures, it would be considered sexual harassment.  That boy would be expelled or suspended immediately.  Yet, President Obama expects us to be absolutely fine with having our girls completely undress and then and shower with boys – all because a junior high or high school boy subjectively “self-identifies” as a girl, or vice versa.  President Obama says he wants to protect the “dignity” of the transgendered student.  What about protecting the dignity, privacy and safety of all the other millions of children?  Unbelievable.

4)      This is HYPOCRISY.  While President Obama is mandating the implementation of this dangerous national social experiment, putting America’s children at risk, his two daughters will not have to live under these mandates because they get to attend posh private schools at $40,000 per year.  Obama is imposing this mandate upon the poor and middle class families of America who have no other choice than to attend public schools.  And, just as he did with Obamacare… he is again attempting to force us to live under a mandate which his own family doesn’t even have to follow.  How duplicitous.

The bottom line is that THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.                                      donate_off.png

Nothing that I have encountered over the last 11 years of working with the FFPC has made me this upset.  This is a direct threat to the privacy, the safety, and security of young school girls.

As much compassion as we might all feel for questioning or transgender students and their families, does not justify the President to put all the other students in harm’s way, or our own Governor to allow this to happen in our state. 

This issue needs to be dealt with now, and Florida’s children need YOU to speak out on their behalf.


FIRST, as the highest ranking elected official representing us, Governor Scott has a compelling interest to protect the citizens and children of Florida.  The safety, security and privacy of school girls is just as important if not more important than “creating jobs”!  This should be an easy decision for him, but he is often slow to do the right thing when it comes to social issues.  Other than signing good bills into law, he never even once shown leadership on any social issue, and this time he needs to lead.

Please encourage Governor Scott to be a leader on this issue and join the lawsuit with 11 other states who have opposed this dangerous Transgender Bathroom/Shower Mandate being imposed upon our children.

To contact Gov. Scott directly, see contact info HERE.

To sign the petition urging Gov. Scott to stand with other governors and states to resist this mandate and protect our children, click HERE.

Since the lawsuit was launched with 11 original states, another 10 states have joined in.  But sadly not Florida.

SECOND, please consider contacting your local school board.  Let them know that the safety, privacy and dignity of the majority of Florida’s school children should be the top priority.

THIRD, please consider giving a gift toward our statewide efforts to put the safety of Florida’s children first.  There will be dire consequences to our children – in this generation and every generation to follow – if we do not succeed in thwarting this mandate.  DONATE HERE

FOURTH, please PRAY.  Pray that this dangerous mandate would be stopped in its tracks.  Pray that Governor Scott’s heart would be turned and that Attorney General Bondi would be compelled to assist this effort.  Pray for the safety of ALL of Florida’s children.  Pray for the future of our country, our state, our communities, our churches and our families.  And, finally, if you would, please pray for favor, for our efforts, and that we would be used as instruments for the protection of Florida’s children.

If you can take action on all four steps to protect Florida’s children, WONDERFUL!  If you can only take one action step, then great.  But please DO SOMETHING NOW. I hope you will join me and my family, and together, let’s do whatever each of us can.

Together, if we all do everything we can to protect our children, I believe we will be successful. But we can’t do this without you.

Will you prayerfully consider to what extent you will make a difference?

My team and I will be praying for you and we hope to hear from you soon.


John Stemberger

President & General Counsel

PS:  Please consider giving a gift to help with this effort and join me to do all you can to protect Florida’s children.  Thank you, in advance, for your prompt response.  DONATE HERE.

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