Governor DeSantis Makes Three Historic Conservative Appointments to the Florida Supreme Court

“The appointments of Judges Barbara Lagoa, Robert Luck, and now Carlos Muñiz to the Florida Supreme Court have completely transformed the court into a judicial body with the potential to have the most reliably consistent and conservative judicial philosophy in the country. Each of these judicial appointments to the court are highly and uniquely qualified, possess excellent judicial temperament, and are genuinely humble people committed to faith, family and serving their community. Most importantly, each of them understands the limited role of the court, to interpret law and not make it. The addition of these three new justices to the supreme court is a game-changer for Florida’s future. I—along with many other conservative leaders in Florida—praise Governor DeSantis for appointing these outstanding individuals and cementing his legacy for bold leadership early on, which will have a positive affect our state for decades to come.”

John Stemberger
President, Florida Family Policy Council

After interviewing each of them personally and doing extensive research on their backgrounds, experience and qualifications, our President, John Stemberger made the following remarks in response to the appointment of each justice:

carlos muniz appointed to Florida Supreme Court
Carlos Muñiz is a man of deep faith and enduring principles.
As a person, he is very smart, no-nonsense, and humble. As a lawyer, he is extraordinarily experienced and possesses an even-handed temperament.

His credentials and reputation as a sharp legal mind committed to a restrained and conservative judicial philosophy is unquestioned.”

Robert Luck, Florida Supreme Court, Governor Ron DeSantis, DeSantisRobert Luck is a brilliant jurist. To speak with, or listen to Judge Luck, is to realize you are in the presence of a truly unique and Scalia-like intellect. Luck fully understands that the role of a judge is a limited one of restraint. He has demonstrated over the years through his written decisions and public statements, that the job of a judge is to interpret law as it is written and not make law or engage in result-oriented decision making. As an observant Jew, Luck is also grounded in ethical and moral principles that will surely guide and inform his service to the state of Florida. Once again, Ron DeSantis has made a very solid appointment that will help to define his legacy as Governor for years to come.”

barbara lagoa“Governor Ron DeSantis has made a simply outstanding choice in Barbara Lagoa for the Florida Supreme Court. She is smart, thoughtful, and has a conservative judicial philosophy that appreciates the limited role of the court. She is also deeply committed to her faith, her family and her community. In the world of judicial appointments, Barbara Lagoa is a home run. Governor DeSantis should be highly commended for a very thorough vetting process and a commitment to appoint such highly principled Justices as Barbara Lagoa.”