Unless Senate President Galvano or Governor DeSantis
acts immediately by using their influence to advance the bill requiring parental consent before abortion…

Florida becomes the only conservative state in the
country not to pass any pro-life legislation.

Respectfully, Call First & Email Second:

Senate President Bill Galvano and Governor Ron DeSantis
and ask them to “Immediately use their influence to see that the Parental Consent Before Abortion Bill passes the full Senate.

Senate President Bill Galvano
(850) 487-5021 and (850) 487-5229
[email protected]
and [email protected]

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
(850) 717-9337 and (850) 488-5603


The bills requiring parental consent before a minor can obtain an abortion, SB 1774 by Sen. Kelly Stargel (R) & HB 1335 by Rep. Erin Grall (R) werethe priority pro-life bills this year for most leading pro-life organizations including Florida Family Action, Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops, Florida Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Susan B. Anthony List, Americans United for Life, and many others. Full white paper on why the bill is important here.

Speaker of the House, Jose Oliva, a champion for life, made this bill a legislative priority and it therefore passed all three house committees and the full House of Representatives.  The Senate bill, however, was grossly delayed in being placed on agenda for its first committee, Health Policy, and even though it passed that committee, it has been stalled because the Judiciary Committee (second committee of reference) stopped meeting weeks ago. The Senate President Bill Galvano has the power to tell the Rules Chairman to remove the second committee of reference (Judiciary) and let the bill go to the third committee, Rules, and then be sent to the Senate Floor for a full vote where we have the votes to pass it. Governor Ron DeSantis can also use his influence to clearly indicate to the Senate that this bill is a legislative priority for him and must be passed or else he will not support their other priorities. This is the kind of bold leadership required to get this bill passed.

NOTE:  The House bill can be picked up by the Senate and voted on (skipping passage of 2 of the 3 Senate Committees), but without a super majority 2/3 pro-life vote, the bill will die. The votes for this strategy do not exist, so merely taking up the house bill for a full Senate vote will not work.This bill is necessary to protect Florida’s children and it will only pass if President Galvano or Governor DeSantis use their authority and influence now.

We have all worked very hard to elect pro-life legislators and we currently have pro-life majorities in both the Florida House, Senate and Governor’s Office. The only question is whether leadership will maneuver these bills and use political capital to see them through.

Florida Family Action

4853 S. Orange Ave, Suite C, Orlando, FL  32806

[email protected]   *    Phone:  407-418-0250

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