Victory over de facto gay marriage bill


Domestic Partnership / Gay Marriage Bill defeated;
Your emails and phone calls made a difference. Thank you!

John Stemberger speaking to Senate Committee


Today at approximately 3:25pm, in the Florida Senate Children and Families committee a deceptive and highly controversial bill, SB196 died which was labeled as a domestic partnership but actually attempted to create a full blown form of civil union and a form homosexual marriage.

The bill died as a result of the sponsor Committee Chairman Senator Eleanor Sobel (D) temporarily postponing a vote on the bill because she knew she did not have the votes to pass it. This also prevented the Senators on the committee from voting on the record which is an increasing challenge in trying to hold legislators accountable.

This bill would have further undermined the institution of marriage by creating an alternate union which would have competed with, diluted, and therefore devalued natural marriage as the ideal arrangement for society.

Your FFPC president John Stemberger testified in opposition to the bill at this committee hearing. The FFA also heavily lobbied senators individually in Tallahassee and in their district offices helping to contribute to this victory.

Your calls and emails have made a difference and it is this type of faithful citizenship that can keep our state strong into the future. Thank you again.

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