Today Commissioner John Stemberger will be speaking before the full Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) in favor of the Florida Privacy Restoration Act (Proposal 22).Stemberger

His speech will occur at approximately 1pm on The Florida Channel. You can watch these important proceedings here:

Proposal 22 would fix Florida’s privacy clause in the Constitution to allow the Legislature to enact laws that would require parental consent before a minor girl undergoes an abortion surgery. Intended by the Legislature to protect informational privacy, the privacy clause in practice has been used by the courts to strike down pro-life and abortion regulations in the state. To learn more, visit

Commissioner Stemberger was appointed to the Florida CRC by House Speaker Richard Corcoran. The work of the commission, which meets only once every twenty years, will be completed on May 10, 2018.

Read more information about the Florida Constitution Revision Commission here.

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