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Last month we reported that your gifts helped us to achieve historic, strategic and unique… RESULTS.

It is only through gifts like yours that good work and results like these can continue. 


We achieved many victories for Florida’s unborn babies, children, families, churches and for religious freedom in the 2018 Legislative Session!

In March we hosted Pro-Family Days where we brought over 200 citizens from all over the state to Tallahassee to meet with legislators to lobby on bills critical to life, family and religious liberty.  The Legislative Prayer Breakfast theme was A Celebration of Life and honored Florida’s pregnancy care center directors at a special dinner as “Trophies of Grace” for the life-saving work they do.

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Here are pictures of our 2018 Pro-Family Days and Legislative Prayer Breakfast


Our 13th Annual Policy Awards Dinner hosted Florida’s FIRST Republican Gubernatorial Forum which was moderated by Fox News analyst and pollster, Frank Luntz.  

Serving on the historic Constitution Revision Commission, I attended public hearings all across the state, giving voters an opportunity to voice their concerns and recommendations for proposed ballot initiatives which were presented to voters in the form of 13 proposed Constitutional Amendments on the November 6th ballot.

We provided scholarships for youth in world-view training programs/camps including Teen Pact and Summit.  Also, we sponsored Patriot Academy and our FFPC Summer Intern Program!


For this recent historic 2018 Election we provided:

  • Florida Governor and US Senate Voter Guide.
  • Judicial Voter Guide.
  • Constitutional Amendment Guide.
  • Local County Voter Guides provided by FFPC alliance groups.
  • Voting information and resources on our website.
  • Emails and a robust social media campaign.
  • One MILLION printed voter guides distributed through Florida churches.
  • Targeted automated calls were made to Florida’s churches and voters making them aware of the resources available to them.

See Voting Resources!

We launched the Honoring God with Your Vote initiative, which reached over 10,000 Florida pastors and churches and it is impossible to know how many voters we reached indirectly with this effort.

Honoring God With Your Vote


After Hurricane Michael devastated the NW Region of our state in the panhandle, we organized an unprecedented GOTV (Get Out the Vote) campaign called Operation Panhandle Vote! 

Operation Panhandle Vote literally impacted our state’s history in a significant way. 

Operation Panhandle Vote Final Report is here! 

See pictures from Operation Panhandle Vote!

It is only through gifts like yours that these accomplishments can continue to happen!

Would you please stand with us with your gift today to help us continue getting RESULTS like these? 

We sincerely appreciate you, your partnership, your gifts of support, and your prayers.  Thank you for your consideration! 

God’s blessings to you and your family in this joyous season!

John Stemberger

Florida Family Policy Council
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