Dear Friend,

This Christmas I am struck that God used a seemingly helpless infant to become the Savior of the world to redeem us of our sins. Mary, Jesus’ mother, was only 14 or 15 years old when she learned that she is carrying the Messiah. She lived in a culture where the penalty for being with a man out of wedlock meant being stoned to death. We can all be grateful that Mary had the courage to stand alone for what is true, good & beautiful and gave birth to the Christ child. One can only imagine the pressure that Mary would have experienced to abort the Son of God if she lived in today’s “pro-choice” world. Mary’s courage helped save us from our sin. During Christmas we are all called to remember the baby who saved mankind.

christmas child

One of the founding Board members of the Florida Family Policy Council was Paul Kuck, the owner and founder of Regal Marine. Paul was one of the finest Christian men you could have ever known. Paul served on Chuck Colson’s board and other national pro-life groups. He was also very instrumental in patiently helping me see that I was called, equipped, and supposed to lead the FFPC, at a time when I had no intention or interest in doing so. I remember during the middle of the long and tough four-year campaign to define marriage in the state constitution, he took me aside and said quietly but soberly to me, “John, this is all really great, but please remember the babies.”

In essence, he was reminding me about the primary passion we should all have for defending life, for protecting children, and for being a voice for the babies. Paul passed away in 2006 but his voice in this moment of history still lives on with me strongly. Would you join me in this next season of our work to pray about this opportunity, think deeply about it, and to join me in 2019 and beyond to help fulfill the promise I made to Paul Kuck to “remember the babies?”

From our family to yours, thank you for your support of our work to save the babies and the families they are born into.


John Stemberger

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