Options for Homeschooling Families Will Be Ending Soon if You Don’t Act Now!

Please call or email the Senate Appropriations Committee and respectfully ask them to leave homeschool private distance learning and tutoring programs alone.


The Senate Education Committee recently added a dangerous strike-all amendment to HB 7055, the House’s 2018 omnibus education package (the House passed this bill earlier in February, the Senate is now considering the bill).

The bill itself includes helpful programs such as the Hope Scholarship, for students who are bullied to be able to attend another public or private school of their choice.

However, the strike-all amendment that was added includes language that would severely restrict a parent’s right to determine their own child’s education.

The bill is to be heard TOMORROW in Senate Appropriations (11 AM- 6 PM EST), its final stop before the Senate floor.

First, the strike-all amendment mandates that each private school require physical attendance of their students. This means that private schools that provide extension and correspondence courses (used widely by homeschoolers or distance-learning students) would no longer be able to provide these courses to students. Public students have the opportunity to participate in Florida Virtual School; private school and homeschool students should have the same opportunities afforded to them via private school.

Second, the strike-all removes the option for parents to educate their children via a private tutor.

These two home education options are essential for parents who want to school their children at home and would like institutional support for their student, desire to compliment their student’s education, or who may need to procure a expert on a particular subject. It is important that we protect a parent’s rights to choose the best learning environment and education for their child. The state should not be dictating to parents how they can and can’t procure this education.

How can you help?

Please contact the Senate Appropriations Committee and respectfully ask them to leave homeschool private distance learning programs and tutoring programs alone.

Would you please take a moment to contact the members of the Appropriations Committee below to share your concerns? If your senator is listed below, please call or email them first:

Appropriations Chair – Sen. Rob Bradley (R-Orange Park)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5005
Email: [email protected]

Vice-Chair – Sen. Anitere Flores (R- Miami)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5039
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Dennis Baxley (R-Lady Lake)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5012
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Aaron Bean (R-Jacksonville)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5004
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto (R-Ft. Myers)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5027
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Lauren Book (D-Plantation)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5032
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Randolph Bracy (D-Ocoee)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5011
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5024
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Oscar Braynon II (D-Miami Gardens)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5035
Email: [email protected]

Sen. George Gainer (R-Panama City)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5002
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Bill Galvano (R-Bradenton)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5021
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Audrey Gibson (D-Jacksonville)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5006
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Denise Grimsley (R-Lake Placid)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5026
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Bill Montford (D-Quincy)
Tallahasee Office: (850) 487-5003
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Kathleen Passidomo (R-Naples)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5028
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Bobby Powell (D-West Palm Beach)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5030
Email: [email protected]

Sen. David Simmons (R-Longwood)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5009
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Wilton Simpson (R-Spring Hill)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5010
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5022
Email: [email protected]

Sen. Linda Stewart (D-Orlando)
Tallahassee Office: (850) 487-5013
Email: [email protected]

We believe there is still time to make a difference on this bill. Please take a moment out of your day and call or email your state senator!

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