Full Scholarships to Summer Programs for Your Student or Young Person



I wanted to share some exciting news with you. Scholarships are now available for the upcoming Summit Ministries event, and I didn’t want you to miss this incredible opportunity.


We believe that it is of utmost importance to train and empower the next generation, which is why we’ve already given over 60 scholarships to students just this year!  

Although many of our scholarships are full, we would like to share an amazing opportunity with you. Summit, which is a life-changing two-week experience in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and Lookout Mountain, Georgia, is one of the finest Christian Worldview trainings available, and because of a generous supporter they are able to give a very generous scholarship for students who would like to attend either of the two sessions in Lookout Mountain, GA (on the border of Chattanooga, TN) on July 2 – July 15 or July 16 – July 19.


Summit is offering students $1800 toward this program in Lookout Mountain, GA, meaning that families would only be responsible for a $195 deposit and travel expenses.  Boarding and food is already included in the program.   

If you know any students that would benefit from such a program, they can learn more here: Student Conferences | Summit Ministries  


For detailed instructions to apply and receive the $1800 gift from Summit, please email Maria Diaz, Director of Special Projects at [email protected], as soon as possible. 


We are still accepting applicants for a scholarship for Florida residents to the Southeast Patriot Academy that takes places in Tallahassee, June 28-30, 2023. To apply for the scholarship, click here: Student Scholarship Application (cognitoforms.com) and for more information on this program, click here: Leadership Congress – Patriot Academy 

Space is limited for both programs, so do not delay! 

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