On Saturday, May 5, FFPC hosted its 13th Annual Policy Dinner and combined GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Forum themed “Together for Florida” in Orlando. The event was attended by over 425 supporters, legislators, activists, and major news media. The forum was livestreamed on Facebook and has been watched over 5,100 times!

The dynamic exchange between Fox News pollster Frank Luntz and the leading Republican candidates, Congressman Ron DeSantis and Commissioner Adam Putnam, focused on many important issues facing Florida’s families and our state.

Together for Florida Candidate Forum

(Click on the image above to watch, or watch the forum here on Facebook or YouTube)

Topics included:
– Society & Family (Life, Abortion, Poverty, Character, Faith, Leadership)
– Education (School Choice, Parents Rights, Homeschooling, Public Schools, Civics)
–Constitution (2nd Amendment, Religious Liberty, Appointing Judges, Good Governance)
– LGBT (Transgender Bathrooms, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Ordinances)
– Ethics and Elections

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Visit our Facebook page to watch the full livestream or to view photos from this exciting event. Tag yourself or a friend! Here are just a few images from the dinner:

John Stemberger Ron Desantis Adam Putnam AL Laws - WIN Family Services

Our annual dinner is the single most significant fundraising event we host each year. We are praying you will be part of helping us raise an additional $20,000 this month to help us stay on track to provide voter mobilization and education resources to voters during this important election year. If you feel led to give, please donate here

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