People are always asking us, “How can I help?”

Well here is how… 

We are delivering 1,000,000 paper church friendly voter guides (educational and non-partisan) to every county in Florida THIS WEEKEND.

The Voter Guides are being printed and will be distributed by trucks to the 67 counties this weekend. See the Voter Guide here.

We need your help in one of 2 ways:

1) We need one or more volunteers in each county to serve as a County-Hub Leader to:

a) Receive the boxes of Voter Guides this weekend (home, church or office building)
b) Allow others to pick them up from you, and
c) Organize a day or two where volunteers can distribute them to local churches in your county which have placed orders requesting the Voter Guides.

2) We need volunteer Drivers in each county to help the County Hub Leadersto deliver the voter guides to each church which ordered them.

To volunteer to be a County Hub Leader or volunteer Driver delivering the Voter Guides to local churches in your county, please send an email with your name, email, cell phone, physical address, and county to [email protected] as soon as possible.

Finally, please ask your pastor or church leaders right away, if they will make an announcement about the election and pass out the Voter Guides during or after church services on Sunday, October 28 and on Sunday, November 4, the sooner the better.

Well over 50% of people will have voted by the actual election day, Tuesday, November 6.   This election will be razor close.  All of the polls in the US Senate race and the Governor’s race are in a virtual tie.


Sign up to order voter guides to be delivered to your church here:

The voter guide designed for churches that is being delivered can be downloaded and viewed here.

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