In early 2020, we decided that our theme and focus would be

“Inspiring an Age of Hope”


Little did we know the challenges that we would all face this year and how appropriate this theme would end up being. We are eternally grateful that even with this year’s challenges, God gave us some great victories. Would you take 3 minutes to download and look at our 15th Anniversary (that’s 5,475 days!)  “Inspiring an Age of Hope” booklet?


Please join us in thanking God for how He has used the Florida Family Policy Council to accomplish so much. You have played a significant part in this journey, and we appreciate you and your partnership.

Should this world become darker, we will be ready as we are even now evaluating our strategy to combat the evil that will be unleashed in America, in Florida, and our towns and schools–most of which is aimed right at our children and grandchildren.

Will you continue to fight with us for what is true, right, and beautiful?

I often get credit for accomplishments, but the truth is our success is first dependent upon God and, secondly, is a direct result of your support, your encouragement, and your financial support.

We simply cannot do all we do without you.

As we move forward, would you please prayerfully consider the most generous gift you can at this time?

Thank you for your support!



John Stemberger,
President & General Counsel


P.S. With your gift today, you will be joining us as we Inspire an Age of Hope and work to advance God’s timeless values and truths, which will never be on the wrong side of history.

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