It is important that we remember the past, our traditions as a people, and even history itself.  There are many in society who wish to “cancel” the past and any parts of our history that they don’t like or think are bad. 

As Christians we should be reminded that remembering the past is a command from Scripture. God often repeated His laws to the Israelites and reminded them of the ways He delivered them from the Egyptians. He had to remind them over and over again of where they had been and how He delivered them because they were a stubborn people.

But in the end, God commanded this because it made them thankful. And so remembering the past is a part of Thanksgiving. So-called “Cancel Culture” flies in the face of this truth. Today, radicals want us to tear down statues and “erase” legitimate and real history in textbooks. Today, we are seeing schools ban the Constitution and teach material like the deceptive 1619 Project which attempts to completely redefine American history. The notion that we must erase key moments in American history will undermine and inevitably destroy us. Because whoever forgets history is doomed to repeat it.

America is exceptional for many reasons but one of them is that we remember our past. We take an honest hard look at mistakes from the past and vow to improve ourselves. We don’t attempt to “cancel” our mistakes or ignore them; we soberly and honestly see ourselves as we really are. America notes men’s flaws and doesn’t whitewash them. We must remember the past and traditions in history and how that is important to a people in society.

This country is extraordinary because it recognizes past mistakes and attempts to correct them. It doesn’t cancel the stories of failure and grievous error. Rather, it admits its spotted history and uses that to see where it went wrong and how it can get better. 2 Corinthians teaches us to tear down strongholds, or bad ideas.  It does not teach us to tear down historical monuments.

This Thanksgiving, we must be thankful by remembering our past and how the Lord has carried us all the way to where we are today.  To you and your family, have a Happy Thanksgiving. 



John Stemberger 

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