TALLAHASSEE, Florida – Governor Ron DeSantis was the Special Guest speaker at the Legislative Prayer Breakfast for the Florida Family Policy Council’s 8th annual Pro-Life Pro-Family Days on Tuesday.

He addressed a crowd of 170 people, including pastors, students, pregnancy center directors, board members, and activists from across the state of Florida. Additionally, 22 members of the legislature were also in attendance along with Richard Corcoran, Florida’s Commissioner of Education who addressed the group. The event was one of the only live and in-person events held in Tallahassee during the legislative session.

While discussing COVID-19 protocol, Governor DeSantis told the crowd, “Throughout this whole time period, this state has done much better than a lot of these other states, and part of it is because…we’ve respected people’s freedoms and liberties. These don’t get suspended just because there’s a pathogen.”

Governor DeSantis also compared Florida’s pandemic policies to those states with harsher lockdown protocol, saying, “We can never let this happen to our country again.” He also committed to seeing additional pro-life legislation passing in the next two years that would protect mothers and save unborn children.

The Pro-Family Days event was notable, as nearly every other interest group has canceled their events at the capital this year or opted for virtual gatherings.

John Stemberger, President of the Florida Family Policy Council, believes the success of the event is a symbol of Florida’s return to normalcy after the COVID-19 pandemic. He says, “We can be safe and live normally again. We are not going to allow a serious flu to become an economic and political weapon.”

The Pro-Life Pro-Family Days raised support among Christian leaders striving to protect the health and innocence of children, especially in education. The event also included legislative trainings and briefings from policy experts.

For more information on the Florida Family Policy Council, call 407-251-5130.

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