An editorial that ran in the April 29th New York Times and many other papers makes the claim that conservatives have not had political success in recent elections because they did not adopt liberal policies.

Gary Schneeberger, senior media director of government and public policy for Focus on the Family Action, has written the following response that was sent to all the papers that carried by David Brooks editorial.

To the editor,
David Brooks says all the GOP needs to cure what ails it is something or someone “unorthodox” enough to ignite the public’s interest, in an April 29 editorial in The New York Times. He then claims my boss, Focus on the Family Action’s Dr. James Dobson, limits the free exercise of unorthodoxy in social policy by “whacking” anyone who proposes it.

Balderdash. What cost Republicans the last election was running away from issues their base cares about. Brooks may consider it stiflingly “orthodox” to protect the preborn, preserve traditional marriage and rein in out-of-control courts, but those “Values Voters” everyone was talking about four years ago certainly don’t. They’re still out there, looking for someone “orthodox” enough (from either party) to advance the issues that matter to them – and if they don’t find him, they may stay home in ’08 like many did in ’06.

As for this “whacking” business: If that’s how Brooks wants to define the way Dr. Dobson alerts families to policy matters that affect them, using a platform he’s earned from 30 years of helping Americans raise their kids and keep their marriages together, I suppose it’s his right. It just seems an awfully unorthodox interpretation – and not in a good way.

Gary Schneeberger
Senior Media Director
Focus on the Family Action

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