The matter regarding the Broward County Clerk of Court, Howard Forman, and his decision about the issuing of same-sex marriage licenses is now on hold. This is because of a procedural defect in the lower court’s ruling which involved one party’s lawyer not giving the Attorney General proper notice of the constitutional issues that were being invoked in the request dissolving this Vermont Civil Union under Florida divorce laws.

This case will come back up within the next 30-60 days for sure. In the meantime, our Attorney General Pam Bondi will be given an opportunity to appeal the judge’s decision, and then Clerk of Court Forman will also be confronted about his position again. We will need to continue to lobby him and his office until and unless we get a clear statement from him that he is going to do the right thing.

We will keep you updated on this critical case as it progresses.

(Miami Herald article on this development)

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