Florida Family Policy Council Special Event

Time is running out to register for this exclusive event for Pastors: 

The Protect My Ministry Tour 

“A 14 city seminar tour for Pastors & Headmasters to enjoy some great food and fellowship in a first class setting and learn how to legally protect your church and or Christian school in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision redefining marriage…”

pastors tour

REGISTER HERE: for one of 14 seminars on this tour:

Wednesday, September 30- Pensacola
Wednesday, September 30- Panama City
Thursday, October 1- Tallahassee
Monday, October 5- Jacksonville
Monday, October 5- Orlando
Tuesday, October 6- Tampa
Tuesday, October 6- Clearwater
Tuesday, October 6- Bradenton
Wednesday, October 7- Fort Myers
Wednesday, October 7- Naples
Thursday, October 8- Palm Beach
Thursday, October 8- Fort Lauderdale
Friday, October 9- Miami  
Wednesday, October 21- The Villages

  • What changes need be made to your church by-laws?
  • Should pastors still sign marriage certificates?
  • Am you at risk if a same sex couple asks me to marry them?
  • Are church mercy ministries that receive public funding at risk?
  • How do you properly call a meeting to officially and legally amend official church documents
  • Do you have to rent out your church building to any couple who wants to get married?


Attorney John Stemberger for the past ten years has addressed and given counsel to pastors and churches around the country on IRS non profit regulations and policies and legal changes regarding marriage, family and religious liberty issues.

Sign up today and enjoy food and fellowship in a comfortable atmosphere with other senior pastors and Christian school headmasters and obtain resources to learn the best practices to protect your church from legal attack by sexual orientation and gender identity ordinances and have many other questions answered.  Numerous handouts and resources will be available.Due to limited space and enormous demand for this material and resources, only one pastor per church or one school representative will be allowed to register for this event.  Register online HERE:

This event is being co sponsored by Family Research Council and Vision America.

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