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Thought Crime (`Hate Crime`) Laws: Unnecessary and a Threat to Free Speech
Timothy J. Dailey, Family Research Council
So-called “hate crime” legislation would have a chilling effect on free speech by making unpopular ideas a basis for harsher treatment in criminal proceedings.

Q & A: What’s Wrong with Thought Crime (‘Hate Crime’) Laws?
Peter Sprigg, Family Research Council
We oppose all Thought Crime laws in principle, because penalizing people specifically for their thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes–even ones abhorrent to us and to the vast majority of Americans, such as racism–would undermine the freedom of speech and thought at the heart of our democracy.

(NEW) Censorship – No, You Can’t Say That
Bruce Hausknecht, Focus on the Family
Yet the reality is that today, these private companies [Facebook, Twitter, Google] have the power to control much of the “speech” that Americans engage in every day, and they have been found to censor speech being used on their platforms, including what they term “hate speech” – which in some cases have proven to be code words for Christian speech on issues like marriage and homosexuality, for example.

Deconstructionism and the Left
David Barton, WallBuilders
Groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Americans United for the Separation of Church and State (AU), the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), People For the American Way (PAW), American Atheists (AA), the Baptist Joint Committee (BJC), and many similar groups are among those included within the movement known as “The Left.”

Why a Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity “Hate Crimes” Law is Bad for You
Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon
Supporters of this bill who rightly believe homosexual practice to be unnatural and sinful have been duped into thinking that this bill is primarily about protecting homosexual and transgendered persons from violence. They hear the rubric “hate crimes” and think: Who can be for violence toward homosexual and transgendered persons?

Comprehensive Research and Articles

Criminalizing Christianity: Sweden`s Hate Speech Law
Dr. Albert Mohler, Jr.
Swedish homosexual activists pledged to monitor church sermons for content in order to report any offensive preaching to the authorities. Soren Andersson, president of the Swedish Federation for Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Rights told Christianity Today that his group would “report hate speech regardless of where it occurs.” He now argues that religious liberty must not be used as a rationale for offending homosexuals.

The Impact of Hate Crimes Laws Upon Religious Organizations and Clergy
Liberty Counsel
This memorandum addresses the impact of various attempts to add “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” to Hate Crimes legislation.

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