Three Ways You Can Get Involved and Make a Difference Right Now…

1) ATTEND A PRO-LIFE EVENT THIS WEEK IN YOUR AREA.  There are over 25 local pro-life events taking place this week all across the state.  Please find one in your area and join the movement to abolish abortion and respect life in Florida and beyond.  Events that are celebrating life and mourning the tragedy of the anniversary of Roe vs Wade are listed here:

2) ATTEND THE PRO-FAMILY DAYS AT THE CAPITOL NEXT WEEK IN TALLAHASSEE. This annual event is one of the most exciting and impacting you can attend.  Next Monday & Tuesday January 25 & 26, the event happens at the Capitol in Tallahassee. Group transportation is leaving from Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater, Pensacola, Boca Raton, Broward and Miami if you don’t want to save on the cost of transporation and rooms.  Details and tickets are located here:  If you are located in or near Tallahassee, you can join us for just the Prayer Breakfast Tuesday morning if you would like.

3) AGREE TO SERVE AS A COUNTY CAPTAIN FOR DISTRIBUTING VOTER GUIDES TO CHURCHES IN YOUR AREA.  THE PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY COMING SOON MARCH 15 AND YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW.  Florida Family Policy Council produces voter guides for distribution statewide in churches.  We work with individual volunteers around the state to help receive shipments and distribute these voter guides churches in your area that have requested them. If this is a project you could help us with and volunteer for time check out details here

WE WILL BE HIRING SOON:  CONSIDER JOINING OUR TEAM AND WORK WITH US.  We are looking for qualified and highly motivated field directors to work for our sister organization Florida Family Action in various cities across the state to work mobilizing pro-life and pro-family voters during the 2016 General Election.  Check out qualifications, requirements and salary here:

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