In this crazy time it’s clear we all need encouragement and inspiration we can get. The story of the Eubank family has been called the “most inspiring movie of the new century.” As our way of saying thank you for the incredible support and as an offering of hope during this time…

We invite you to join us TONIGHT, Friday, May 1, 2020 at 9:00 pm ET for a special FREE Live Streaming Movie Event of the Free Burma Rangers. Gather the family, mark your calendar and come enjoy this one of a kind streaming event!

My good friend and colleague Michael Geer, who runs the Pennsylvania Family Institute, said the following:

“My wife Susan and I saw this documentary in the theater (remember back when we could do such things?) in a special two-day run in February and it was one of the most amazing and challenging films I’ve ever seen. Great Christian message, emotional and inspiring. It has been available on Vimeo and Amazon Prime for $20 for the last month…Appropriate I think for young teens and up.”

Here are some audience reactions:

“One of the best movies I’ve ever seen!”
“You’ll find yourself shaking your head in amazement!“
“Life Changing!”
“You gotta watch it!”
“Shows what incredible things God can do.”

Below are details about how to watch the film, which tells the exciting, compelling story of missionary Dave Eubank and his family – with actual film gathered over nearly two decades – serving in some of the most dangerous conflicts in the world.  It is a faith-building story of bravery and compassion expressed with the love of Christ. Watch the trailer for the movie here.

Watch the movie broadcast live on Facebook tonight at 9pm ET:

Thank you for supporting Florida Family Policy Council and for your prayers during this challenging time.


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