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Last night, the US Senate voted against the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” which would require medical providers to attempt to save babies that survive abortion. We are officially beyond fighting for babies in utero and are having to fight for babies that have been born alive. Now, more than ever is a time where we need your help to protect these innocent children. We can no longer sit back as the silent majority.

We in Florida are making a clear statement that we aren’t going to be New York or Virginia when it comes to protecting children both inside and outside the womb.

Our theme this year for Pro-Life, Pro-Family Days is Celebrating Life, Protecting Children. Please join us and help us to fight for these children!

Early bird pricing is $65 person ($35 for full-time pastors!) until February 28th!

This price includes:

● 2 catered meals and a reception
● Bill and lobbying training, so you can feel empowered and educated in your fight
● Scheduled meetings with your respective Senators and Representatives to fight for our cause
● An opportunity to hear from like-minded influencers and legislators for our cause, including keynote Ken Connor, Sen. Marco Rubio, Catherine Glenn-Foster with Americans United for Life in Washington, DC, some surprise guests, and many more
● Time to fellowship and get to know like-minded individuals across the state

Seating is limited. To reserve your seat, please purchase your ticket(s) today! Early Bird Pricing ends Thursday, Feb. 28th.


Check out the full-color flyer

If you have questions or want more information on local hotels, please call our office at 407-251-5130.

I will see you there,
John Stemberger, FFPC President

Florida Family Policy Council
4853 S. Orange Ave, Suite C, Orlando, FL 32806
[email protected] * Phone: 407-251-5130

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