Dear Friends,

Exciting news! Chloe Cole, the 18-year-old fighting to protect children, is coming to Pro-Family Days as a guest speaker. Chloe, born a female, underwent years of puberty blockers starting at 13 and had a double mastectomy at 15. After the procedure, Chloe still felt depressed, and even more so realizing what she was going to miss out on regarding having children.

Chloe then de-transitioned and has been on a mission to protect children ever since. You will want to see her amazing story and what she has to say. Our goal is to educate people on the topic of transgender surgery for minors, and to gain support for a bill to be passed this year banning it. We will announce more guest speakers soon, so keep an eye out for our upcoming emails.

Listen to a brief overview of her powerful story now
It is a much watch

Register for Pro-Family Days now so you don’t miss Chloe Cole and the other amazing speakers we have lined up.

I hope you can join me for this life-changing event.

John Stemberger
President, Florida Family Policy Council

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