You may have asked the following question:

Who is Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr? 

MohlerFirst, in my view, Dr. Mohler is one of the brightest Christian voices alive today.  He would likely cringe at hearing this, but it’s true.  Even Time Magazine has called him the “reigning intellectual of the evangelical movement in the U.S.

Second, Dr. Mohler has a critical leadership role as President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He was tasked with turning the seminary around from its theologically liberal-leaning direction years ago and strengthen is conservative foundation which saved that school from utter ruin.  Today, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary – the flagship school of the Southern Baptist Convention– is now one of the largest seminaries in the world.

mohler bookThird, Dr. Mohler is the author of eight books, including a new book released yesterday entitled “We Cannot be Silent:  Speaking truth to a culture redefining sex, marriage, & the very meaning of right & wrong.” I have read an advance copy of the book and it is outstanding!  The book will be on sale at our dinner and is available online HERE.

Finally, Dr. Mohler publishes a simply remarkable daily audio news report called “The Briefing.” Dr. Mohler reads the top news stories from every English newspaper around the world and summarizes them in this audio recording which is available every morning by 7:00am EST by podcast or on the Internet.

Dr. Mohler’s The Briefing on the latest news and critical issues of the day is simply one of the finest and clearest daily news briefings available.  I listen to it and ask all the FFPC staff to listen to it as they begin their work day.  It is free of charge and in under 20 minutes each morning while I am exercising, getting dressed for work, or driving to the office, I can hear a brief and insightful analysis on the latest national and international news from a Christian worldview.  There is really nothing else like it.

No other resource provides me such reliable insight and analyses on a daily basis.  It is indispensable to me, and I believe it will be for you, as a supporter of life, marriage, family and liberty to understand and have insight into the cataclysmic social changes we are seeing every day.

“The Briefing” can be received in one of several ways:

mohler.jpgThe Briefing equips me as a father, a husband, and a citizen to guard against false philosophies of this world as we must always be on guard and equip ourselves to “think with a Biblical perspective.”

If you just listen to one news show, I think you will see why I think Dr. Mohler’s briefing is an indispensable tool for learning and engaging in active citizenship.

So to answer the original question, this is who Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. is, and why we are so excited to have him as our keynote speaker for our Tenth Anniversary Policy Awards Dinner on Saturday, November 14, 2015 in Orlando at the Rosen Centre Hotel from 6-9pm EST.  Tickets and table sales are available HERE.

I hope you can join us for the upcoming dinner, take a moment to listen to The Briefing and/or get a copy of Dr. Mohler’s new book We Cannot be Silent.



John Stemberger

PS:  To purchase tickets to the 10th Anniversary Awards Dinner and hear Dr. Mohler in person, click HERE.  This will be a night to remember, and I sincerely hope you can join us!

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