Considering Divorce

Considering divorce? Restore and rebuild your marriage with these trusted counseling and reconciliation resources, programs, retreats and seminars:


Marriage 911 Ministry

Reconciling God’s Way and Marriage 911 Ministry is an international, faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to couples or individuals who are struggling in their marriage. Their website provides a marriage first-aid kit that consists of: reading Yes, your Marriage can be Saved (a book about twelve truths to reconcile your relationship); joining a “Marriage 911” 12-week class for couples (or for just one member of the couple); and starting a same-gender support group to watch videos and go through the Marriage 911 workbook. The Marriage 911 website offers tips on marriage, testimonial videos, and workshops and seminars.


The Retrouvaille is a program that offers tools for couples to rediscover a loving marriage relationship. The program consists of a weekend experience and a series of 6-12 post-weekend sessions over 3 months. The program is not a retreat, marriage counseling or a sensitivity group. It focuses on healing rather than on hurting. This program is Catholic in origin but couples of all religions and beliefs are welcome. There are multiple program locations in each US state and in other countries as well.

National Institute of Marriage

National Institute of Marriage (NOM) is a faith-based organization that offers marriage intensive weekends at hotels in Missouri and Georgia meant to restore individuals and to rebuild marriages through counseling and spending time together. NOM’s website also provides informational resources.

Live the Life Ministries


Live the Life Ministries teaches practical, transformational relationship skills through experiential learning and evidence-based programs. Their programs show individuals HOW to have a stronger marriage, HOW to become a godly man, and HOW to build a healthy family. Their Hope Weekends are designed to help couples rebuild intimacy and trust, and to teach couples essential relationship skills for developing, maintaining, and sustaining a deeply-bonded and connected relationship. Live the Life also provides classes and 1-on-1 intensive programs for struggling couples. The ministry has locations in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, and Sarasota/Bradenton.

Intimate Life Ministries

The Great Commandment training encourages a movement of healthy marriages and families, healthy churches and ministries. This organization offers Galatians 6:6 Retreats, which provide renewal and enrichment to ministry couples who are so involved in “giving to others” that their personal lives are neglected. These retreats are held in various locations in the US and in Europe.


This website provides access to The Love Dare book and the Fireproof Your Marriage Study; as well as a marriage helpline to receive immediate help; a Catholic study guide for Fireproof; and links to other booklets, books, and organizations designed to help couples facing marriage difficulties.

The 5 Love Languages

This website provides a quiz through which couples can learn their love language, descriptions of each of the 5 love languages, Gary Chapman’s books: including The 5 Love Languages, The Five Languages of Apology, and others, as well as videos featuring Gary Chapman.

National Marriage Encounter

This organization provides marriage encounter weekends of 2 or 3 days for couples of all ages and faith to grow in their marriage through open and honest communication.

Winshape Retreat

Winshape Retreat offers retreats for married couples in crisis. Couples Intensives are four-day programs designed for couples in crisis who need healing and restoration.

Marriage Builders

The Marriage Builders website contains a great deal of information and resources for couples struggling with the possibility of divorce including articles, books, radio broadcasts, question and answer columns, videos, courses and seminars, and telephone coaching.

The Marriage Toolbox

The Marriage Toolbox offers resources for couples just getting married, maintaining marriage, and repairing marriage. The site also provides a forum through which families may communicate and learn from each other. For couples seeking repair their marriage, the site recommends books, repair tools to do alone and with each other, and the opportunity to read the Toolman’s advice on repairing marriages.

National Healthy Marriage Resource Center

This website is coordinated by the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center, a national resource and clearinghouse for information and research related to healthy marriages. This website is intended for individuals, couples, families, educators, policymakers, researchers, and organizational leaders with an interest in marriage. This website provides print and electronic publications, timely information on healthy marriage issues, and targeted resources that support healthy relationships and marriages. This website provides articles and videos on separation and divorce and lists healthy marriage and family programs in each state.

Family Life

Family Life is a Christian-based organization that provides information about staying married, the challenges of marriage, troubled marriages, and divorce. Within the challenges of marriage section is information and videos about saving a marriage, dealing with a cheating spouse, and stories of changed lives and transformed legacies. This website provides a helpline, counseling options, small group studies, and church resources.

Church Initiative Ministries

Church Initiative Ministries has put together “Before you Divorce” which helps couples step back from their emotional turmoil in order to take an objective view of divorce and its emotional, physical, financial, legal, children and family, and spiritual effects. This kit can be ordered by phone.