Ways to Give:

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Become a Monthly Faithful Friend

Our Monthly Faithful Friends are indispensible to the work of the FFPC. These are our friends who pledge to contribute faithfully, every month, either by an automatic recurring donation using their credit or debit cards (Click HERE); or for some by mailing a check every month.

Mail a Check

To contribute by check, please make checks payable to “Florida Family Policy Council” and mail to:
Florida Family Policy Council
4853 S. Orange Avenue, Suite C
Orlando, FL 32806

Give by Credit Card over the Phone

To give a gift by phone with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card, just call our office at (407) 251-5130. One of our friendly staff will be happy to help you and process your transaction.

Gifts of Stock and Other Assets

To give a gift of stock or other assets, please call our office at (407) 251-5130 and ask for Korie Kapal. We will be happy to help you navigate the process to make a gift of stock or other assets.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A Charitable Gift Annuity is an opportunity for you to leave your legacy toward the continued support of our shared pro-life and pro-family values. Many consider a Charitable Gift Annuity an excellent way to avoid a shrinking income over time, while at the same time helping to avoid possible tax liabilities. For more information, please contact our office at (407) 251-5130.

Why Invest in FFPC?

All the work we do is funded solely by the grace of God through the generosity of like-minded people like you and me, who partner with us in this great mission to protect life, marriage, family and religious liberty. We call these supporters our Mission Partners and we want you to know – we couldn’t do this great work without you!

Here are a few reasons to become a Mission Partner with the Florida Family Policy Council:


Your investment makes an impact!

FFPC is the premier organization in Florida working to promote and preserve a culture of life, marriage, family and religious liberty. In only 11 short years, FFPC has become one of the most effective and influential organizations in the nation.

Credibility and Accountability.

FFPC is an educational 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, and gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. FFPC has its own Board of Directors and is solely responsible for the raising of funds for its operational budget. Because of our commitment and success in advocating for life, marriage, family and liberty, we are the only policy organization in Florida that the nationally respected, Focus on the Family (and Family Policy Alliance, formerly known as CitizenLink) has officially associated with.

Representing your values in the media.

Whether the news story is on Fox News, ABC, CBS, talk-radio, Christian radio, or in your local newspaper, you can count on us to weigh in with a perspective that will protect, preserve, and advance life, marriage, family, and liberty in Florida. The media, and legislators from both parties, consider FFPC the “go-to” organization when seeking guidance on social conservative issues that impact Florida families.

Educating, equipping and mobilizing pastors and churches.

Every year (with increased activity in election years) the FFPC hosts or co-hosts conferences to educate and train pastors how to utilize voter registration and voter guide distribution programs. From sharing our rich Judeo-Christian history, to educating them on the most up-to-date IRS rulings, pastors leave our conferences energized and equipped to help their congregations be good stewards as active citizens.

Educating voters and FL constituents.

During election years, millions of educational Voter Guides are printed and distributed throughout Florida (and online), primarily through churches, showing where both Democrat and Republican candidates for state and federal office stand on issues important to the family, right before major elections.

Fiscal Accountability and Integrity:

Florida Family Policy Council is firmly committed to both integrity in fundraising, and good stewardship of those funds, used in the operational budget.

Receipts for tax purposes are sent out for each donation and funds will be applied to the programs where they are needed most, with the exception of special appeals for specific programs. In these specific cases funds will be applied to the program requested, honoring the intent of the mission partner (donor).

Florida Family Policy Council will make every attempt to manage finances to avoid operating at a deficit. The FFPC operates its programs and initiatives based upon funding and secure pledges to accomplish our work, and will spend only as much as has been raised or pledged.

We will be honest regarding our financial circumstances, in both good and difficult times. We will alert mission partners of both needs and blessings, with the highest standards of integrity.

Under the direction of our Board of Directors, while we are not yet certified members of ECFA, the FFPC operates by ECFA standards. (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability).