Will you help us train the next Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, Lila Rose and Charlie Kirk?

Not so long ago, the leaders we just mentioned above were young people learning to use advanced communication skills to articulate a conservative world view. Let’s see where they are now:

Ben Shapiro graduated from high school at age 16. At age 17, he published his first book and began writing a nationally syndicated column.  He is the founder and editor of The Daily Wire and the author of 10 conservative books, besides being a prominent speaker. His podcast was recently ranked and rated by PODTRAC as the number 2 podcast in America…

At age 15, home-schooled teen Lila Rose started learning about pro-life activism in her living room with a handful of friends.  Later, she founded the pro-life activist group Live Action, which ran the first series of sting operations uncovering the illegal practices of Planned Parenthood.

Immediately upon graduation from high school, Charlie Kirk founded Turning Point USA in 2012. Today, his national conservative student movement is represented at more than 1200 high schools. Charlie is a razor-sharp debater and regular commentator on Fox News…

Candace Owens was a young liberal media consultant and blogger. In 2016, she came to realize that liberal belief systems were exploitative and not helpful. She felt people of color like herself were being used and patronized for political gain. She quickly turned her sights on liberalism and has since become a favorite conservative commentator…

With everything that’s going on in the world today—what do young people really need? How can we train young adults who take on the world with accurate knowledge and effective communication skills?

What they all need are world-view education and mentors to show them the way. 

I cannot overstate the efforts of the other side to indoctrinate young people into a humanistic worldview using every means possible. From school curriculum to movies and television shows to video games, our children are being specifically targeted with propaganda and ungodly values.

Even the best and most informed parents struggle to gain the upper hand on teaching a godly worldview in their own homes.

This is an extremely serious problem.

Right now, we are preparing to bring a team of former legislators from Texas and along with myself are going to put on the Patriot Academy training, June 12-14, in Tallahassee at the Capitol. This is no small effort, and it costs us about $10,000.

It’s for this reason that I’m writing today. I need your help to make this happen. 

What makes Patriot Academy special? Patriot Academy is an intensive civic leadership training program for students ages 16-25. It uses a biblical, historical and constitutional foundation.

Students learn leadership strategies, life purpose plans, advanced communication techniques, public speaking skills, campaign methods and a philosophy of government based on our founding fathers’ beliefs. They get to participate in a realistic mock legislative session, as well. The goal of the entire training is to help the students answer the question, “What is my purpose in life?” I cannot recommend Patriot Academy highly enough as a life-changing opportunity.

If you know a student ages 16-24 who may benefit from this remarkable training opportunity please forward this email and have them sign up today here.

Here are some opportunities to help support the students that want to go through the program but lack the finances to do so:

A $1,000 gift provides scholarships for two students who can’t afford tuition.

A $500 gift funds a full scholarship for one needy student.

A $100 gift covers transportation to and from the event.

A $50 gift pays for a student’s meals during the training.

A gift of any amount will help us tremendously in putting on this extremely important event.

Please consider carefully how you can help plant seeds to raise up godly, informed leaders for tomorrow. You may click here to make your gift. Thank you for helping us reach young people now who will be poised to effectively reach their peers and others with truth.

Will you join us in this mission?  

Thank you for your support and partnership. 


John Stemberger

P.S.—Are we at FFPC now training the next Candace Owens? We could be—through our sponsorship of the outstanding Patriot Academy program for young people ages 16-25! Can you help us cover the $10,000 cost? A gift of $1000 provides two full student scholarships, $500 sponsors a needy student’s tuition; $100 covers a transportation scholarship. $50 pays for their food.  Any amount will help—would you be a part of raising up godly leaders for tomorrow? Please give here.

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