Have you ever considered what it would look like if your values were ILLEGAL?

It’s a conversation that my staff and I almost never dreamed we’d be having in America, but after watching Congressional leaders in Washington, D.C. cram the so-called “Equality Act” through the legislative process, it’s a conversation we need to have.

Frankly, it’s difficult for many in America to watch their freedoms being eroded. I hear from Floridians, on an almost daily basis, who experience a combination of grief, fear, anger, bitterness, sadness, hopelessness, and disappointment. Uncertainty is normal and natural during seasons of persecution.

But I also hear from just as many, if not more, Floridians who are emboldened, awakened, engaged, hopeful, trusting, dedicated, committed, and ready for the upcoming battles. 

They’ve made up their mind, and they aren’t afraid to say it: no federal legislation, court decisions, or ridicule from a few California elected officials is going to darken the light of Truth. 

Florida Family Policy Council is prepared to walk alongside you to weather these storms of uncertainty. Our staff is seasoned, our weapons are sharpened, our resolve is unwavering, and our mission unchanged.

Over the last fifteen years, your generous support and partnership have paved the way for unprecedented victories. Florida is a better place for families today because of YOU. 

All we need in order to continue standing firmly in the gap for you, your church, your family, your business, our state, and our nation –is your continued partnership. 

In 1799, near the end of the French Revolution, George Washington, our nation’s first president, a Founding Father, and a great man of faith wrote:

“…Offensive operations, oftentimes, is the surest, if not the only means of defense.”

I couldn’t agree more: the best defense is a good offense.

At this juncture in the American story, the best defense for the values and institutions we hold dear within our national identity – such as life, marriage, religious liberty, and parental rights – is a strong, compelling, and relentless offense here in Florida.

And here’s the good news: Florida’s legislative session has begun.

Florida Family Policy Council has, for more than a decade, maintained a presence at the Capitol in Tallahassee, and this year will be no different. We’ll be working with allied legislators to carry important legislation on YOUR behalf – things like:

Parental Bill of Rights, HB 241 by Grall and SB 582 by Rodrigues
This bill emphasizes the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their minor children, which includes the right to be notified of anything affecting the health, well-being, and education of their child while the child is in the custody of the school district.

Disability Abortion, HB 1221 by Grall and SB 1664 by Rodriguez (AM)
This bill will prohibit a physician from performing an abortion on an unborn child if the reason for that abortion is that the child has been diagnosed with a physical or mental disability in utero.

Promoting Equality of Athletic Opportunity, SB 2012 by Stargel and HB 1475 by Tuck
This bill would require that athletic teams sponsored by educational institutions be designated on the basis of a student’s biological sex. It would prohibit males from competing on female teams and females from competing on male teams. The bill specifies conditions under which a person who transitions from male to female is eligible to compete on the female team.

Moment of Silence, HB 529, by Fine and SB 282 by Baxley
This simple but powerful bill would require a moment of silence and reflection before every public school class.  The bill which failed at the final hour last year has gotten a good start this year.

Not only are we focused on pushing great legislation and killing bad legislation, but we’re also working to engage pastors in a way never-before-seen in the Sunshine State.

FFPC’s Florida Capitol Project is a unique bridge between lawmakers and the faith community. Pastors come to Tallahassee to pray with legislators and staff, and through that process, learn more about how they can engage with the process to protect God’s timeless truths in the public square. This program is going to change the game in Florida.

And it’s not just pastors who are getting involved, many for the first time – so, too, are everyday Floridians. Students, business owners, soccer moms, artists, authors, and thinkers from Jacksonville to Miami to Tampa to Pensacola are seeing that this is a critical moment to engage our culture. And they’re showing up.

Though most special interest groups chose to cancel their in-person events at the Capitol this year, FFPC was able to successfully host Pro-Family Days in person. We met many of these new faces and heard their concerns about the future of our nation.

Lawmakers, judges, and legislative staff joined us outside, socially distanced, to meet, to pray for our state, and to start a conversation between lawmakers and their constituents about “Protecting the Health & Innocence of Children in Education.”

The event was a huge success and encouragement to many, including me, and it was all made possible by your generous contributions.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have shown no signs that they plan to serve as a check or balance on President Biden’s power, which makes FFPC’s blueprint – to push legislation in Florida that challenges bad precedent and unconstitutional efforts by radicals in D.C. – even more important.

Florida is uniquely positioned to serve as a counterbalance to the out-of-touch, radical policies, like the so-called “Equality Act,” manufactured by razor-thin majorities in our nation’s capital.

FFPC, with your continued partnership, is prepared to lead this historic opposition.

You’ve probably heard the quote made famous by President John Quincy Adams before, but it bears repeating: “the duty is ours; the results are God’s.”

It’s time, for us to step out, in faith, and continue our pursuit of a nation where God is honored, life is cherished, families thrive, and religious liberty flourishes.

We must do our part, contend for truth, and trust that God will honor our efforts here, and across the nation. We’re committed to this, and we know you are, too.

Conservatives and Christians often talk about being salt and light to our broken world – both in a spiritual aspect and a policy aspect. As leaders in Washington, D.C. continue to push a new morality, Americans will be looking to escape relativism and latch onto truth. And that’s where your support comes into play.

I’m writing to ask you to make a commitment to bolster our culture-shaping, preservation efforts here in Florida. 

Hindsight is always 20/20. It’s easy to look back and think about what we would have done differently if given the chance.

I don’t want to look back in ten years and wonder if I could have done something more to preserve our national virtue and Judeo-Christian identity when I had the opportunity.

Your opportunity to do that – our opportunity – is here.

Every dollar that FFPC raises goes towards equipping Floridians to engage in the cultural battles we face – from education and voter registration to grassroots lobbying to events like Pro-Family Days. Thousands of voices make a huge difference; imagine how much of a difference millions of voices can make.

Finding those voices, equipping them to speak truth with power, and elevating them onto a platform is our ultimate goal. Our mission depends on it.

Thank you for your continued support of FFPC and the critical work we do together to make Florida a great place to live, work, and raise a family. I hope you’ll continue walking alongside us as we fulfill our duty and await God’s faithful response.

Join us and believe for victory!

In His Service,

John Stemberger, President & General Counsel
Florida Family Policy Council


P.S. I just want to say THANK YOU one more time for your faithful support and prayers. I can tell you confidently that our entire team is so grateful to have the backing of generous patriots like you. Thank you for your continued partnership.

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