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Abortion in America: The Beginning of the End

Ten recent signs of hope that we are winning the battle   There is an endless supply of bad news facing American culture.  However, we can remain optimistic about some good news-- we continue to gain significant ground in the battle against abortion.  As a movement,...

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BREAKING NEWS: Muslim Hacker Destroys FFPC Website

We have some rather stunning and almost unbelievable news that we need to report. Late last week, we were attacked and the code of our FFPC website at localhost was completely disabled and destroyed by a radical Muslim hacker. Let me explain…  You may have heard of...

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>Poll Question about HB 1143 was biased

>An article yesterday in the St. Petersburg Times touts a poll that indicates Floridians are opposed to the Pro-Life bill HB 1143. However, closer scrutiny of the question that the poll asked reveals why the poll results were most likely skewed by the biased...

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