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Truly Black Friday Specials

There is no shame from these organizations offering to murder children for profit. To get more business– that is, kill more babies– than their competitors they will even offer frequent discounts to the abortion-minded mothers.

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The Battle We’re Already Having

Gender-based abortion is not a horror we will battle in the future. This is a battle we’re already having both around the world and right here at home, and millions of lives are at stake.

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The Economic Impact of Abortion

Using median income data and corresponding income tax rates, it is estimated that those killed by abortion would have contributed $80.6 billion to the US Treasury in 2012.

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Amendment 8 Endorsements

On Tuesday we sent an email including a list of leaders and organizations’ opinions on Amendment 8. In the last two days even more leaders have declared their support for one of the most important Amendments on the ballot.

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What Else is Okay?

“Where it will stop? If gay marriage is legal, what will stop America from removing legal hurdles to incest or polygamy?” All this should remind us of the importance of the November 6 election. The culture’s view on marriage is being defined at all levels of government.

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Supreme Decisions

As the Court’s new term begins, they are likely to take up the Defense of Marriage Act and whether states like Florida must have federal permission to change voting laws. Reminder that the next President will likely make at least one appointment to the SCOTUS.

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Free Abortions Available

James Pendergraft, a well-known abortionist who owns abortion clinics all over the country, offered free abortions last week at many of his clinics (confirmed at least in Ocala and Orlando) with the purchase of a $150 state-mandated sonogram.

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