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Reality Check (4 of 4): Reasons Florida Gov. Rick Scott Refuses to Defund Planned Parenthood

Scott unapologetically refuses to defund Planned Parenthood just because he does not want to. “Gov. Rick Scott has no interest in cancelling the state’s Medicaid contracts with Planned Parenthood. Spokeswoman Jackie Schutz confirmed that the governor has no intentions to cancel the contracts after the conservative Florida Family Policy Council went after Scott on Thursday, demanding that he cancel the contracts.” – Michael Auslen, Oct 2, 2015, Miami Herald

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Orlando: Florida Pastor's Summit

Thursday October 29, 2015 - Thursday October 29, 2015 Map and Directions | Register Description:Dear Pastor, We invite you to join us on Thursday, October 29th at Faith Assembly in Orlando, FL from 9:30am - 3:00pm for a Summit designed specifically for pastors. This...

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Can one man change the course of history?

YES. And this is one of those rare moments in time. This one most critical issue, the opportunity to defund Planned Parenthood in Florida, will forever define Governor Scott’s legacy – one way or the other. This will be either his moment in history defining strength of character as a real proactive pro-life governor, or the greatest blunder of his political career.

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If Texas Can Do It, So Can Florida!

Yesterday, the Dallas Morning News reported that the state of Texas joined other states including Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah, New Hampshire and Wisconsin in efforts to defund Planned Parenthood from receiving all state taxpayer dollars. Now it’s Governor Scott’s turn. If Texas can do it, so can Florida.

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Texas Cuts Taxpayer Funding to Planned Parenthood

“Texas has done exactly what we are asking Governor Rick Scott to do in Florida: namely completely defunding Planned Parenthood and stopping any more taxpayer funds from going to Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid provider,” said John Stemberger, President and General Counsel of the Florida Family Policy Council. “Planned Parenthood’s termination as a Medicaid provider would not affect access to care in Florida, as it will not in Texas, because there are thousands of Federally Qualified Health Clinics, Medicaid-certified rural health clinics, and other providers across the state that provide quality healthcare to Medicaid patients.”

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Reality Check (2 of 4): Reasons Florida Gov. Rick Scott Refuses to Defund Planned Parenthood

Our state tax dollars are not being sent to an organization which complies with all State and Federal laws. Planned Parenthood chapters across the country work together as a “federation” and have an extensive record of audits, investigations and fines for waste, fraud and illegal activity, and are currently being investigated, criminally and civilly, at every level for offenses including failure to report statutory rape, failure to comply with parental involvement laws, and failure to comply with health and safety clinic regulations.

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Pro-Life Leaders Rally to Defund Planned Parenthood

Today, the Florida Family Policy Council (FFPC), led by President and General Counsel John Stemberger, announced that a series of rallies will be held in front of local Planned Parenthood offices all across Florida tomorrow, October 10, from 9 to 11 a.m. ET. The rallies, as part of a statewide campaign – on behalf of thousands of pro-life Floridians – will include a call to Gov. Rick Scott (R) to fully defund Planned Parenthood in the state, and redirect those funds to the more than 600 community health clinics in Florida.

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Oct 10: Join the Protest Planned Parenthood Events Across Florida!

This Saturday, October 10, from 9-11AM local time, pro-life Americans all across the country but specifically in Florida will gather together to protest Planned Parenthood’s barbaric harvesting of aborted baby parts and the even greater crime of the babies killed in the process. Over 250 of these protests have been organized nationwide – including some international protests. 13 of these protests have been planned in cities across Florida.

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