Protect My Ministry Tour | Fall 2015 Dates

Florida Family Policy Council Presents:

The Protect My Ministry Tour

“A conference for Pastors and Christian School Headmasters to legally protect their churches and schools in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision redefining marriage…”

Enjoy food and fellowship in a comfortable atmosphere with area pastors and Christian school headmasters, learn best practices to protect your church or ministry from legal attack, and have your questions answered. 
(Limited capacity at each location. Please, only one representative from each church or school. There is no charge for the event but advance reservations online are required.) 


Wednesday, September 30- Pensacola & Panama City
Pensacola: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100081&view=Detail
Panama City: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100113&view=Detail

Thursday, October 1- Tallahassee
Tallahassee: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100102&view=Detail

Monday, October 5- Jacksonville & Orlando
Jacksonville: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100103&view=Detail
Orlando: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100104&view=Detail

Tuesday, October 6- Tampa, Clearwater & Bradenton
Tampa: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100105&view=Detail
Clearwater Beach: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100106&view=Detail
Bradenton: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100107&view=Detail

Wednesday, October 7- Fort Myers & Naples
Ft. Myers: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100108&view=Detail
Naples: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100109&view=Detail

Thursday, October 8- Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale
Palm Beach Gardens: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100110&view=Detail
Ft. Lauderdale: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100111&view=Detail

Friday, October 9- Miami  
Miami: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100112&view=Detail

Wednesday, October 21-The Villages
The Villages: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar?id=100121&view=Detail

-What changes need be made to your church by-laws?
-Should pastors still sign marriage certificates?
-Are you at risk if a same sex couple asks you to marry them?
-Are church mercy ministries that receive public funding at risk?
-How do you properly call a meeting to officially and legally amend official church documents?
-Do you have to rent out your church building to any couple who wants to get married?

PRESENTER: Attorney John Stemberger 

In addition to being the President & General Counsel of the Florida Family Policy Council, John Stemberger is a civil trial lawyer with a private practice in Orlando, FL.  Stemberger is an Allied Lawyer with Alliance Defending Freedom and is a national leader in following legal and policy issues regarding marriage and family.  He recently authored the article “Keeping Government out of the Marriage Business:  Seven Reasons Why the Privatization of Marriage is a Bad Idea.” He has lectured, testified, debated and written extensively on the legal implications of changing marriage laws and has spoken on legal issues to thousands of pastors across the country.

7 thoughts on “Protect My Ministry Tour | Fall 2015 Dates

    • Rev. Ramos,

      Thank you for your interest in joining us for the Protect My Ministry Tour events in Tampa and Clearwater, October 6, 2015. If you have not already done so, please register for the location of your choice at the following links. The event and meal are complimentary for pastors and Christian school administrators.

      Protect My Ministry Event-Clearwater Beach
      RSVP here for Clearwater Beach: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar/891767662?view=RSVP&id=100106
      Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2015
      Time: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
      Address: Sandpearl Resort, 500 Mandalay Ave., Clearwater Beach, FL 33767

      Protect My Ministry Event-Tampa
      RSVP here for Tampa: http://ffpc.convio.net/site/Calendar/142476850?view=RSVP&id=100105
      Date: Tuesday, October 6, 2015
      Time: 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM
      Address: Tampa Palm Golf Country Club, 5811 Tampa Palms Blvd., Tampa, FL 33647

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  1. I am a Christian and the newly elected president with Nurses For Christ, Inc., I live in Miami. The organization is trans-denominational. We believe in the Holy Scripture of God, the life, death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings.
    Will I be able to attend the meeting in October? Many LGBT confess to being Christians but are not following the teachings of Christ as stated in scripture nor what NFC, Inc. beliefs and bylaws include. I believe this meeting will be beneficial in supplying guidelines and information that is necessary for our organization. I would like to attend. Please inform me if attending would be beneficial.
    Respectfully Yours,