Four tests for amending the Florida Constitution

Florida voters are the ultimate guardians of our Florida Constitution. Whether we end up with document that’s a wily patchwork of random regulations, or one that enshrines the most fundamental rights in our state, rests in their hands.

Leadership in an Angry and Divided Nation: A Christian Response to the 2016 Election Results

Whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump wins, it seems inevitable that America will be angrier and more divided. This heightened “national anger” and division will present a major challenge in the ongoing struggle to maintain a civil and orderly society. Within the Church, we will have continuing challenges to achieve unity, advance God’s Kingdom, and effectively proclaim the Gospel.

What Leadership Looks Like

In a day when public officials are cowardly running from their sworn obligations whenever so called “gay-rights” challenges are at hand, Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi is to be commended for her courageous and clear defense of Article I, Section 27 of the Florida Constitution.

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