The Easter Gift

As we prepare this weekend to celebrate Easter, we think about giving and sacrifice. Easter is a time of new life and a reminder that through Christ we can also have a new beginning. For the millions of children aborted each year, they are not given even a first chance at life.


Who is Abby Johnson and why you should come hear her speak at our dinner on May 11th?

We are witnessing a huge change and advancing shift in the history of the pro-life movement as the "Unplanned Movie" (still in theaters after 4 weeks!) has become a game changer. Make plans now to attend and be part of this exciting moment in pro-life history.


Pro-family events happening in your area spring 2019! Plan to get involved now!

Mark your calendars for exciting pro-life, pro-family events happening near you this spring, including the Unplanned movie premiere, a pro-life rally, a worldview conference, our annual awards dinner, Patriot Academy and more!


Early Bird Pricing for our Pro-Life, Pro-Family Days at the Capitol ends this Thursday!

Early Bird Pricing for our Pro-Life, Pro-Family Days at the Capitol ends this Thursday 2/28! Register now! Our theme this year is Celebrating Life, Protecting Children. Please join us and help us to fight for these precious babies inside and outside the womb!


Only one month away from Pro-Life, Pro-Family Days at the Capitol! Register now to watch history being made

With all the laws being passed around the country there is a renewed passion in the pro-life movement, and by attending Pro-Life, Pro-Family Days, you will be part of history in the making!