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Receive Free America the Beautiful License Plate Coupon

The Legislature has created the America The Beautiful® specialty license plate which funds groups friendly to us that support youth leadership, character-building, etc.
WE NEED YOUR HELP! Before Florida’s tag offices can start selling the actual metal plates to everyone in Florida the America The Beautiful® team has to complete the last step of signing up 3,000 drivers for plate coupons to show there is interest in the new plate.
FFPC's goal is to get 1,500 of our supporters to sign-up for this new plate. We are helping America The Beautiful Fund, Inc., complete this final step because it will ultimately help create additional funding to scholarship students to leadership training and character-building programs.
The coupon for the America The Beautiful® Specialty License Plate is FREE.  It costs you nothing and you are not obligated to use it.
A donor is funding the cost of the required 3,000 plate coupons so America the Beautiful Fund, Inc., can give them away, finish this last step quickly, and get the plate selling in Florida’s tag offices. 1,500 of these tags are available to FFPC supporters at no charge for the first year!
When the metal plates are available America The Beautiful Fund, Inc., will notify you.  If you decide to use your free coupon to get the plate, you will not have to pay for the first year. After the first year, you will need to pay a $25 upcharge annually to keep the specialty plate. If you sign up for the coupon but don't use it, it does not harm us.  The point is, by signing up for a plate coupon you will have helped us get the plate on the road!
These FREE America The Beautiful® specialty license plate coupons are available on a first-come-first-serve basis until all are claimed.  All Together Now!®


Mailing Address(Required)

(so the tag office issuing the coupon can distinguish you if there is someone else with your first and last name in Florida)
MM slash DD slash YYYY
We are able to give you a specialty license plate coupon for free, thanks to a sponsor. This will ultimately help create additional funding for the Good Fight. This information will be given to the Indian River Tag Office that has graciously offered to accept a bulk list and generate and mail your specialty plate coupon to you no matter what Florida county you live in. As part of readying the information for them the America The Beautiful Fund, Inc. (the plate’s sponsor) will process and proof this information but will not further circulate or use it. If later you have any questions call 813-918-4521 or email [email protected] If you like, take a picture of this form after you complete it. This form will be destroyed after the information is entered into the database.

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