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pro family days 2019, tallahassee, florida


Last night, the US Senate voted against the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” which would require medical providers to attempt to save babies that survive abortion. We are officially beyond fighting for babies in utero and are having to fight for babies that have been born alive. Now, more than ever is a time where we need your help to protect these innocent children. We can no longer sit back as the silent majority.

We in Florida are making a clear statement that we aren’t going to be New York or Virginia when it comes to protecting children both inside and outside the womb.

Our theme this year for Pro-Life, Pro-Family Days is Celebrating Life, Protecting Children. Please join us and help us to fight for these children!

Early bird pricing is $65 person ($35 for full-time pastors!) until February 28th!

This price includes:

● 2 catered meals and a reception
● Bill and lobbying training, so you can feel empowered and educated in your fight
● Scheduled meetings with your respective Senators and Representatives to fight for our cause
● An opportunity to hear from like-minded influencers and legislators for our cause, including keynote Ken Connor, Sen. Marco Rubio, Catherine Glenn-Foster with Americans United for Life in Washington, DC, some surprise guests, and many more
● Time to fellowship and get to know like-minded individuals across the state

Seating is limited. To reserve your seat, please purchase your ticket(s) today! Early Bird Pricing ends Thursday, Feb. 28th.


Check out the full-color flyer

If you have questions or want more information on local hotels, please call our office at 407-251-5130.

I will see you there,
John Stemberger, FFPC President

Florida Family Policy Council
4853 S. Orange Ave, Suite C, Orlando, FL 32806
Info@FLfamily.org * Phone: 407-251-5130

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pro family days 2019, tallahassee, florida

You’re invited to Pro-Life, Pro-Family Days 2019!

Tickets are available now for Pro-Life, Pro-Family Days at the Capitol, with the Florida Family Policy Council, March 18-19, 2019 in Tallahassee.

This year’s theme is Celebrating Life, Protecting Children with plenty of activities, great information, tremendous keynote speakers, jam-packed with special guests, and some real surprises!

You will meet like-minded people of all ages, from all over Florida, who come to Pro-Life, Pro-Family Days to hear the special speakers and be briefed on relevant issues and potential bills that can directly affect life, marriage, families and our religious liberty.

With all the laws being passed around the country there is a renewed passion in the pro-life movement, and by attending Pro-Life, Pro-Family Days, you will be part of history in the making!

Seating is limited. To reserve your seat please purchase your ticket(s) today! If you have questions or for information on local hotels, please call our office at 407-251-5130. Register here!

We hope you can join us for this 2-day special event which begins Monday, March 18th at 3:30pm and concludes around 2:30pm on Tuesday, March 19th.

Pro-Life, Pro-Family Days 2-Day Event Package Includes:

● Two days of fellowship with other like-minded, pro-life pro-family supporters from around the state who share these values;
● Legislative briefings and training by experts regarding proposed bills affecting life, marriage, family and religious liberty in this upcoming Legislative Session.
● All printed materials needed on the key issues;
● Focused citizen lobby training;
● Reception Prior to Dinner with Speakers and Special guests;
● Special Keynote Speaker Ken Connor;
● Hearing from special speakers who are some of Florida’s leading advocates on life, marriage, family, and religious liberty;
● Legislative Prayer Breakfast on Tuesday Morning;
● Opportunity to hear from leading Christian legislators who are champions on our issues;
● A time of Corporate Prayer;
● Set appointments to meet with your legislators;
● Additional planned activities to be determined;
● Free Parking at the Civic Center for the event.

Tickets for the Full 2-day event are only $65, with the Early Bird rate right now. (Only $35 if you are a full-time pastor!) Special Early Bird pricing expires February 28th. Register here!

Here is the event flyer to invite others and attend as a group. Pro-Family Days Flyer

Individual dinner or breakfast tickets are also available for purchase if you are unable to attend both days.

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Analyzing Impact: Gruters Bill Would Effectively Punish Small Business Owners

The bill sponsored by Senator Gruters while limited to the employment context still has broad and sweeping language that does not stop at merely at creating a new lawsuit for disgruntled employees to sue employers for decisions regarding hiring and firing.

It also allows for new lawsuits against employers by employees for matters involving any “terms, conditions, or privileges of employment.”

Using showers, locker rooms, changing rooms and bathrooms are a privilege of an employee and so denying a man access to a designated women’s changing room is grounds for discrimination and a weapon to punish the small business owners.

The full language of this bill can be found here: http://m.flsenate.gov/session/bill/2019/438/billtext/filed/pdf

BREAKING: Stemberger Calls for Senator Joe Gruters Resignation as Chairman of Republican Party of Florida