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We need 50-100 men and women to be volunteers or be hired to drive over the next 7 days to the hurricane devastated regions of North Florida to participate in “Operation Panhandle Votes”!

There are thousands of families, retired veterans, single moms, seniors, and young couples whose lives and properties have been devastated as result of Hurricane Michael.  Many of them are only eating one meal a day at a church or shelter feeding facility, sifting through the rubble of their destroyed home and or just living in hotels.  We want to go to them directly and offer a sandwich, a drink, a prayer and a ride to the polls.

And we need you to join us in this unprecedented project of the Florida Family Policy Council.  Over the next 7 days, we are going to conduct a Herculean ground voter turnout operation.


1)     We need 50-100 modestly paid individuals or volunteers willing to be trained and equipped and to live and work in North Florida during the six days from Thursday, November 1, through Tuesday, November 6.

2)     Food, modest lodging, transportation, and fuel reimbursement will be provided from Tallahassee, Florida to the area of work in the hurricane hit regions.

3)     Days will be long, and the work will be between 9-10 hours a day.

4)     You will be working with a larger team of FFPC supporters but will be working on your own, during the day (unless you bring your spouse or a helper).

5)     The election is going to be very close and every Floridian needs the opportunity to vote and should not be hindered because of the personal physical losses of the hurricane.

6)     For more information please complete the online application form here and we will get back with you ASAP for a phone interview. 


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People are always asking us, “How can I help?”

Well here is how… 

We are delivering 1,000,000 paper church friendly voter guides (educational and non-partisan) to every county in Florida THIS WEEKEND.

The Voter Guides are being printed and will be distributed by trucks to the 67 counties this weekend. See the Voter Guide here.

We need your help in one of 2 ways:

1) We need one or more volunteers in each county to serve as a County-Hub Leader to:

a) Receive the boxes of Voter Guides this weekend (home, church or office building)
b) Allow others to pick them up from you, and
c) Organize a day or two where volunteers can distribute them to local churches in your county which have placed orders requesting the Voter Guides.

2) We need volunteer Drivers in each county to help the County Hub Leadersto deliver the voter guides to each church which ordered them.

To volunteer to be a County Hub Leader or volunteer Driver delivering the Voter Guides to local churches in your county, please send an email with your name, email, cell phone, physical address, and county to info@FLfamily.org as soon as possible.

Finally, please ask your pastor or church leaders right away, if they will make an announcement about the election and pass out the Voter Guides during or after church services on Sunday, October 28 and on Sunday, November 4, the sooner the better.

Well over 50% of people will have voted by the actual election day, Tuesday, November 6.   This election will be razor close.  All of the polls in the US Senate race and the Governor’s race are in a virtual tie.


Sign up to order voter guides to be delivered to your church here:


The voter guide designed for churches that is being delivered can be downloaded and viewed here.

Florida Family Policy Council

4853 S. Orange Ave, Suite C, Orlando, FL 32806

Info@FLfamily.org  *  Phone:  407-251-5130

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All Florida Voter Tools Now Online


Judges, Amendments, Video Explanations, Local County
Races, State & Federal Races, Score Cards &
“501(c)3-safe” Church Resources.

This is going to be a historically high voter turn out, the ballot will be longer than ever, and the polling in both the Governor’s and U.S. Senate race is razor thin.  You have to plan now to vote, you have to do your homework and you have to be prepared.  Your vote can make a difference.  Get resources now at www.FloridaElectionCentral.org.


 We are right now printing one million church friendly voter guides and distributing them on the ground to the 67 counties this weekend. See the product being printed and distributed here.

We need your help in one of three ways:

1) We need people willing to serve as county hub leaders to receive the boxes of voter guides this weekend and then organize volunteers to distribute them to the churches who have placed orders for them in each county.

2) We need volunteers in each county to help the county hub leaders to deliver the voter guides to each church.

3) We need you to ask your pastor or church leaders to pass out the voter guide during church services on Sunday, October 28 & Sunday, November 4.

The link to sign up to order voter guides for your church is here:


To volunteer to be a County Hub Leader or assist the leader driving voter guides to local churches send an email with all of your name, e-mail, cell phone and county to info@Flfamily.org


We highly advise you to vote early or vote by absentee ballot.  You can contact your local Supervisor of Elections here to order an absentee ballot or to find early voting locations which start in most counties on Saturday, October 27 and runs till Wednesday, November 3.

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I feel very strongly about our need to support Amendment 3 which freezes all casino gambling in Florida and removes government’s ability to create more casinos on Florida’s beautiful beaches and shorelines. Please watch my 2-minute video explaining why we should all VOTE YES on 3! Click on the image below.
amendment 3 gambling florida

Stay tuned for other “video explanations” on the amendments on the November 6 ballot later this week. To see a complete set of voter guides and other voter resources click here: https://flfamily.org/resources/voter-guides.

Remember to VOTE YES on 3! Check out the Yes on 3 Facebook page.

Thank you for your support.

John Stemberger

PS- To make a gift right now to support our work click here.

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U.S. Senate, Governor and Amendment Voter Guides are now online for the 2018 General Election. Other voter guides on state, local races and judges will be released soon.

Click on the images below to access the resources:

We will also be providing a detailed written analysis on the amendments in the days to come. Check back to www.FloridaFamilyAction.org often for more voter tool and new releases. All church resources can be found at www.FLfamily.org for the Honoring God initiative.