Protect Your Church: Legal and Worldview Resources

Protecting Your Ministry protecting your ministry

Should Christians Be in Politics?
(Wayne Grudem)

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A Pastor’s Legal Rights
(John Stemberger)

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Legal Rights: Churches and Pastors

  • Protecting Your Ministry from Sexual Orientation Gender Identity (SOGI) Lawsuits (PDF) (English Version and Español Version)
    by Alliance Defending Freedom

How Your Church Can Get Involved in Activism

More Resources

  • How, Why and When Pastors Should Preach About Politics (Videos)
    by Dr. Wayne Grudem
  • Survey of Religious Hostility in America by Liberty Institute
  • Pulpit Freedom Sunday Resources by Alliance Defending Freedom
  • Help for Pastors – A special list of websites and organizations compiled by FFPC dedicated to supporting pastors. Resources include sermon research, ministry aids,
    office administration, struggling with sin, leading your family, and more.
  • The Truth Project – DVD-based biblical worldview curriculum for small groups from Focus on the Family
  • The Family Project – 12 session DVD experience for couples or small groups that explores the theological, philosophical, and cultural underpinnings of the traditional
    family, and combines that information with inspiring stories and practical tools to help 21st-century families thrive.
  • Cultural Indicators Report (2014) (PDF): An in-depth record of important social statistics affecting the well-being of families in Florida by the Florida Family Policy Council.
  • Resources for Churches – An extensive list of documents by Alliance Defending Freedom with sample language for your church bylaws, policies, and procedures. Topics covered: church governance, churches and politics, equal access, and religious freedom.
  • Patriot’s Fliers (PDF) six one-page documents examining how the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were an outgrowth of a Judeo-Christian worldview and how the Constitution was finished in prayer; foster an appreciation and excitement for our founding documents.

Sample Sermon Resources

Marriage & Family


Politics, Culture & Character

(Not a Florida pastor? Your state’s family policy council (FPC) may have additional state-specific resources. See Family Policy Alliance’s list of state family policy councils to find a FPC near you.)