Strong Marriages Florida

“Strong Marriages Florida” is a coalition campaign of the Florida Family Policy Council in cooperation with numerous churches, denominations, pro-family organizations and Strong Marriages Floridacommunity leaders throughout the state. The campaign was launched in February of 2009.

“Strong Marriages Florida” is a ongoing campaign to help create and sustain a “marriage movement” in Florida, with the goal of strengthening marriages and reducing the divorce rate in Florida. The campaign was launched in response to the high number of divorces in Florida and the negative economic impact that the fragmentation of families has on Florida taxpayers and our communities. Check out our website at our website www.StrongMarriagesFlorida.org

Objectives and Goals:

  1. Exponentially increase the number of couples receiving pre-marital preparation.
  2. Strengthen existing marriages and provide help to restore crisis marriages.
  3. Reduce the number of divorces in Florida by 10%.
  4. Save taxpayers the costs of family fragmentation by over $100 million annually.
  5. Create community awareness and a positive culture of marriage that celebrates and respects the institution of marriage for the benefit of children, families and the common good of society.

“Strong Marriages Florida” has both and a church/community component and a public policy component. The community component will include helping to form Community Marriage Initiatives in 12 major metro regions of the state and encouraging pastors to commit to requiring marriage preparation for all couples prior to performing a wedding.

In terms of policy, we will be studying and sharing current research about the status of marriage and divorce in Florida and the impact that the fragmentation of the family has on our society. The campaign will explore various public policy options like helping couples become better prepared before they get married.

Q- How do I get involved?

  1. Attend training and become a certified Marriage Mentor and help your pastor by working with engaged, newly married or troubled couples in your church and community.
  2. Host a marriage mentor training for your community in your local church.

Pray about and ask your pastor becoming your church’s Marriage ministry leader and helping him to equip and lead others in impacting marriages within your church by bringing resources, programs, training and seminars to his attention.

For more information on any of these opportunities, contact Bill Warren at 850-567-8143. You can also get much more information online at our website at www.StrongMarriagesFlorida.org